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Studies in Solitude

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Music: Ben Crick

Violin: Sophie Rosa

Cello: Tom Collingwood

Piano: Mason Hirst

Studies in Solitude are five miniature pieces (I've only recorded 3 to date) that look at how the Covid lockdown affected me and the music community I'm part of. It's been a time of so many conflicting emotions and so much seismic change that I just felt I wanted to make a bit of music that recorded what strange times it has been to live through. We all know it has been an unbelievably hard time for many people and the music world has felt a precarious and often quite lonely place to be often. But there have been positives as well, there's been the space to create and also time to re-evaluate what you actually want and need from a career and I know I don't want to be spending as much time away from my family as I was doing pre lockdown. I hope these contradictions come across in the music, they are simply little snapshots of how this year has been for me.

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